Employee Incentive Awards

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Visa Prepaid Cards are an easy-to-implement alternative to simplify your company employee incentive awards.

Employee incentive awards have a tendency to be overly complicated with manual processes and rewards that are not meaningful to the majority of employees.

Using Visa Prepaid cards for employee incentive awards will allow your company to develop effective, easy to administer programs that are meaningful to recipients.

Employee Incentive Awards
Options and Advantages
  • Add your company logo to the front of the card or design a custom product to remind your employees how important they are every time they use the card.
  • Implement a reloadable employee incentive awards program to simplify recurring awards.
  • Provide a custom message on the card carrier to let your employees know how much you appreciate their hard work.
Employee Incentive Awards Prepaid Card
Employee Incentive Awards - Benefits
  • Universal Appeal - Provides the appeal of a personally chosen reward with the ease-of-use of a prepaid card.
  • Brand Awareness - Putting your company logo on the card or designing a custom card serves as a continual reminder of your brand.
  • Reduced Complexity and Cost - Eliminates the time and cost associated with issuing, distributing and reconciling checks and drafts.

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