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Prepaid Card Solutions

MyPrepaidGiftCards.com specializes in flexible prepaid card solutions for corporate incentive and promotional programs. We work with each client to tailor unique solutions that will have the most impact and be the most cost-effective. Effectively acknowledging your customers, employees, and business partners has become an increasingly important factor in a very competitive marketplace. Let us partner with you to create the prepaid card solution that best suits your business needs.

A co-branded Visa® Prepaid Card creates brand awareness and serves as a "wallet bill board". This allows a corporation or business to extend their advertising dollars and bring in additional future business by including their company logo on a prepaid card. Our co-branded prepaid cards also carry the Visa brand mark allowing the cardholder to use their prepaid card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted

Prepaid cards are preferred over other incentive programs because they allow the card recipients to choose their own gift at millions of merchant locations. Cardholders are not limited to one retailer and do not end up with a gift they do not want or need. For the company offering these incentives, the program is easy to manage, has quick turnaround and provides a wide array of choices for the recipientæ´‹aximizing this incentive tool.